Logo Accord D from Caisses DesjardinsAccord D from Desjardins

Patio Design inc. offers its customers a fast and flexible funding that could help you to realize projects that are important to you heart.

Thus, while allowing you to maintain good liquidity, you can enjoy the deck of your dreams.

Here is a comparison table between the Accord D financing and personal loan


Personal Loan

Accord D Financing

Minimum Amount

12 501 $

500 $

Maximum Amount

No limit

50 000 $

Terms/Reimbursement period

1 to 5 years

6 months, 1, 1,5, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years


Fixed rate or variable rate based on amount and term (personal loan rate)

Fixed rate calculated based on amount, credit history and payment period (same as the personal loan rate)

Frequency of reimbursement

- Weekly
- Every 2 weeks
- Monthly
Monthly (according to the statement invoicing period from your Visa Desjardins account)


  • Life insurance or life and disability insurance coverage
  • Premium based on age, gender and borrowed amount
Life insurance coverage automatically included with no additional fees (for the primary cardholder only).

Member Dividend

Eligible (according to the caisse's Annual General Meeting decision) Eligible (according to the caisse's Annual General Meeting decision)


  • No BONUSDOLLARS accumulated
  • Principal payment possible
  • No BONUSDOLLARS accumulated when you get Accord D financing
  • No principal payment possible

Distribution Network

- Caisse
- AccèsD Telephone
- AccèsD Internet (form)
- Caisse
- AccèsD Telephone
- AccèsD Internet

Application processing time 

Response given after an advisor's analysis of the file. Response within a few minutes

Other specifications

  • Accessible 24/7 via AccèsD Internet.
  • Automatic deposit into the member's chequing account.
  • Borrowed principal is available again as Accord D financing is paid. (Certain conditions apply.)