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White pine is a soft, often knotty wood species that represents the best value for money when it comes to covering patio floors. White pine is a wood that can be bought already treated, yellowish white in color. It is an easy-care product to which just add a water-based stain to obtain the desired color. Ideally, we recommend using a water-based stain from Sansin every two years for optimal appearance. This wood species is found in eastern North America, from Georgia to the United States, passing through Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and as far as the island of Newfoundland in Canada. . It is a tree that is often used in reforestation forests, its size can reach up to 30 m and its diameter 1.15 m. The lifespan of a white pine patio is between 15 and 20 years.

White pine

King of the forests in eastern North America, white pine sits at the top of both elegant and economical solutions to bring to life a sustainable and harmonious patio, terrace, pergola or gazebo project.

Indeed, white pine is excellent value for money to give style and personality to a backyard in the city, or to compose a look perfectly coordinated with the architecture of a chalet or a country house.

Softwood, white pine is often already treated, which ensures its high level of performance, longevity and versatility. Easy to maintain, a simple wash followed by the application of a stain or paint every two to three years will do the job.

Natural and affordable, white pine may eventually show some traces of marking, which is far from negative for those who wish to promote an authentic style, close to nature. Depending on the finishing products, treatments and maintenance, the lifespan of white pine boards and boards is between 10 and 15 years, often more.

This wood is found in abundance in eastern North America, the United States, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, which gives it a more local aspect than other types of wood or imported products. , reducing in particular its transport.

Also available and installed by the Patio Design team, red pine adds greater density and nuance to its cousin white pine. Its reddish hue and grain texture are also highly prized.

White pine flooring


  • Stylish and affordable option
  • Treated wood, economical, still in vogue
  • Perfect for decks, patios and fences
  • Excellent stability and resistance to climatic shocks
  • Smooth and light wood, regular and homogeneous grain
  • Efficient and versatile
  • For all types of coating and exterior fittings

In summary

White pine is an excellent choice because of its value for money, its elegance, its versatility and its adaptability to many types of environments and layouts.

WE love

The whole work! Also, the fact of finding white pine in our regions and that its culture is constantly renewed, in an intelligent, sustainable way and with greater geographical proximity than other species. Also, its look and its timeless character, which assumes its modern spirit, without denying its vintage look.

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