The Patio Design team offers services and optional solutions, delivery and installation for your asphalt shingle roofs, adapted to our climate. It is the most popular, profitable and sustainable choice for home, cottage and condo owners in Quebec.

Active in the greater Montreal area, Patio Design's roofing teams are ready to provide you with a quick, free and personalized estimate. From the start, you will benefit from turnkey options, depending on your budget, your requirements and the characteristics of your residence. In short, you will find everything, under one roof!

We know that even if it is less pleasant than a moment of relaxation on a terrace, a quality roof ensures, summer and winter, a solid peace of mind. At Patio Design, our approach is therefore to transform what you might consider as an expense, into a responsible and sustainable investment..

Asphalt shingle roof: 11 reasons to entrust your work to Patio Design

  • Unparalleled quality, price and durability
  • Wide range of models and colors
  • Modern design, timeless nature
  • Proven tightness levels
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy maintenance and repairs
  • Superior moisture protection
  • Reliable, clean and courteous installation by Patio Design specialists
  • Supplier partners: companies founded and active in Canada
  • Solutions adapted to seasonal variations and our climatic variations
  • For house, chalet, garage, shed, condo or commercial building

How much does a shingle roof cost?

The question is excellent. But it would be irresponsible to answer here. Why? Because the square footage, the possible dismantling of part of your current roof, the selection of the chosen product and other contingencies influence the price. For example, is your roof simple and smooth, or does it have angles, skylights, chimneys, junctions, or some unexpected features?

One thing is certain, by relying on the expertise of Patio Design, you will obtain a clear, transparent estimate, and above all, without surprises between the start and the end of the work. So, before the first day of the work, you will have everything in hand to make the best decision, at the best possible cost.

In addition, with Patio Design, you will benefit from a wide range of asphalt shingle products, selected from our partners and custodians, North American references, present and anchored in Quebec. In all peace of mind, you will make an informed and robust choice!

Avec nos toitures, vous êtes en voiture

For more than 50 years, the Patio Design team has been active in the greater Montreal area. Delivering and installing quality roofs is one of our passions.