Screw piles installation, concrete base implant and laying Deck Block!

FoundationsDepending on the patio or terrace style chosen, the soil type of your property, your budget and your priorities, our experts will be able to offer you the best option foundations as required. Several choices are available: screw pile, concrete bases (Sonotubes) and Block Deck. Here is a text that summarizes our views regarding the different types of terrace foundations.

Screw piles :

According to Patio Design Inc., the best way to ensure perfect leveling of your terrace for a long-term project is the use of screw piles as foundation of your patio. The screw piles act like large screws that will be based in the ground below the frost level (5 '). Thus, climate changes have no effect on leveling of your patio. Screwed with specialized machines, the ground ankers allow adjustment of height, depth and depending on their design (size of fins and pipe diameter) and the bearing capacity of the soil, they can withstand all types of works. These piles are made of galvanized steel, which protects against corrosion and ensures a very high strength to your project.

There are many advantages in using screw piles, here are some :

  • The piling requires no excavation (clean ground)
  • The equipment does not damage the ground
  • Inexpensive, minimal equipment and fewer men requirement
  • Very precise implantation
  • If surprise found in soil (rock), very easy adjustment can be made
  • The temperature is not a factor (Except frost)
  • Reusable and ecological
  • Very fast installation

This is why we think the use of screw piles is the best option for the project that will last over many years.

Concrete Base (Sonotube) :

The concrete bases (Sonotube) are very effective in ensuring a stable and solid foundation. According to the different diameters of Sonotubes, the reinforcements used, the concrete strength (MPA) and the implantation depth, the foundation construction method can suit all types of work. It is obvious that this method works very well and is very reliable. However, this method is less and less used for deck builder.

Here are steps to consider when using Sonotubes:

  • Excavation necessary and more imposing equipment
  • Scrap earth, concrete mixer needed
  • In case of rain, the work will be delayed (concrete cure and ease of implementation)
  • No possible reuse (can not be replaced)
  • More expensive and longer implementation
  • In case of surprise (rock), prices may vary

Once these factors into account, we recommend using Sonotubes for projects whose backyard or the front of the property has not yet been appointed. Thus, damage caused by this method are minimal, or in the case where only two Sonotubes are necessary. Thus, it is possible to dig the shovel without causing damage to the land, if there are more than two, we will use the necessary machinery.

Deck Block :

The Deck Block concrete bases are directly deposited on the ground. These bases are prone to move as a function of freezing and thawing. It is also possible that slightly sinks into the ground and the level of the deck has changed over the years. This method is frequently used when carrying deck, since it is very inexpensive. You can help the stability of the terrace if we add a lot of Deck Block and by the method used in the construction of the terrace. Thus, it will move uniformly, but the level will change inevitably. Following the terrace installation on Deck Block, it is possible to redo an upgrade of the terrace. He only just put the time needed for leveling the terrace to correct the changes brought by time.